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Review: Twilight

twilight-7167My verdict? The visuals were great though it would have been a little more fun to see the real “vampire” stuff. The bloodiness was kept to a minimal. Robbie wowed me (as I knew he would) as Edward. Kristen was ~ what I expected. She had her great moments. There were times when I thought the Bella in the book was better but I have nothing against Kris.

UM… so yes, while my love for Edward/Robbie grew, so did my love for Jasper. Not sure anyone else in the cinema noticed (since they were all rightfully gushing over Edward) but hey… Jasper = superhot!

Cam was brill as James and looking forward to more Victoria in the next installment. Jacob for me was… um… well. I guess I’ll have an answer to that after the next movie comes out. Overall, the directors did they best they could given what they had to work with. I loved the movie… but with that said, I could see why a skeptic wouldn’t. Nothing ever beats the book… but this was close enough for me.

I’m going to see it again tomorrow in hopes that I will not be distracted by crying babies and squealing teenage girls.  (Um, okay, guys, I know you love Edward. I love him too. But, honey, he can’t actually hear you. Spare my ear drums, please???) Verdict: 4/5


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