The Inside Habit

Long Lost You

Don’t you just love those stories where two brothers find each other again after seven years, and realize that they’ve been living practically in the same neighborhood all of their lives?

And don’t you just wish that it would happen to you too, sometime?

Like, you’d suddenly realize you had this truly AWESOME sister, who incidentally had a lot of money and connections, and you find her and she loves and gives you all of her money and connections… and then goes away again because let’s face it – you love her but you don’t really want to hang out with her??

And then you could spend the money on shoes and clothes and helping those around (of course, I thought of this first!) and running around in a field screaming “La-la-la!”???

No? Yes? Well, sighs Me, I’ve only got fifty more years for this dream to come through. I can wait.

Until then, there’s cool stories such as this one.


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