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Review: The Other Boy by Hailey Abbott

416y9t1088l_sl500_The blurb: Maddy’s Boy Pros & Cons . . .

Brian—Super cute / hangs with my friends / goes to my high school / my boyfriend!

I’m a spoiled princess / hates my friends / has amazing blue eyes /
cooked me an unbelievable dinner / annoyingly irresistible!

for Maddy Sinclaire starts as a blur of house parties and dips in the
pool—until she’s caught throwing an unauthorized beachside bash. As
punishment, her parents send her off to Napa Valley, where she’ll spend
her free time working on the family vineyard. Even with her boyfriend,
Brian, miles away, Maddy’s about to discover that the vineyard is a
very romantic place. It’s vast, sunny, magical . . . and there’s another boy just waiting to steal her heart.

Yeah. Okay. Slightly predictable plot but I had my hopes. The most exciting part of this book for me was when I finally finished it. For some reason, I want to make a Saddle Club reference here but I think I’ll refrain. I just felt like I was supposed to be ten years old reading about a seventeen year old… hmm. Enough said, I think. Rating: 1.5/5 (Amazon)


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