The Inside Habit

Hollywood Nobody

So I bit the bullet and watched my first episode of American Idol this season. Ugh. (Does the walk of shame).  Crap show, one hour of  my life that I will never get back. Naturally, I chanted this to myself as I “labored” through the entire hour. And will no doubt do so next week. Next week is my final week though, I swear. Once it gets past Hollywood week, I get bored.

Hurray for all the awesome singers that made it through! Ciao Bikini Girl. Maybe you should have done the bikini thing again this week… you would have made it for sure. In fact, next year, I think I’ll be Bikini Girl. Because I’m really THAT good…

I’ll be the one in this little number, judges:


On another note, Stephen King spoke. I know what you’re thinking. Stephen who? Oh that guy.


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