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Review: Love Finds You… by Sandra Bricker

9781934770450lovefindsyou_snowball_lrI read my ARC of this pretty quickly. I think it was just what you’d expect from seeing the cover (love the cover!).  Here’s the back blurb:

So what if she can’t hook a fish? This city girl has a plan to snag something else…and his name is Justin. Lucy Binoche is reasonably attractive, intelligent, and fit. She has French lineage and better-than-average hair. So why is she nearly 30 and still single?

Justin Gerard is the rugged hottie new to her church’s singles group. When he signs up for a camping trip in the Ozarks, Lucy loses no time writing her name on the line beneath his. There’s only one problem Lucy’s idea of “roughing it” is suffering through a long line at Starbucks. She assumes she can rely on the grace of God and the assistance of her friend to get through.

But at the campsite in Snowball, Arkansas, Lucy bungles everything she attempts as she tries to impress Justin. She can’t fish, hike, or ride a horse; caves make her hyperventilate; and hot-air balloons make her ill. Soon, events are snowballing out of control. Will Lucy pretend to be someone shes not just to snag a boyfriend? Or will she discover someone who loves her just as she is?

A quick fun read. I mean, after a while, it was a little annoying – the way Lucy couldn’t seem to keep her butt out of trouble. But she was CUTE (in that want-to-pinch-her-cheeks kind of way). Seriously. Plus it wasn’t preachy and that is always good. I laughed out loud a few times when I wasn’t expecting to. I guess that’s because in a way I could relate. (Actually, I would have given up on the guy the minute hooking a fish came up in conversation).

All this said, I’m getting tired of the fact that most chicklit/women’s books evolve around a woman who’s life will be over the minute she turns 30. There’s so many of them out there and if I have to read another one…

Anyway, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas = fun inspirational read. Recommended if you’re looking for something light-hearted to delve into.

Rating: 3/5 (Amazon; Barnes & Nobles; Chapters)

Currently Reading: Stand-In Groom by Kaye Dacus


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