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Review: Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski

cover_milkrunYes, I know the original book came out in 2001. But with the new cover here… and me never having read it, I thought…

Anyway, here is a the blurb on the book:

milkrun\’milk run\ (plural) milkruns noun
1. a routine and often slow journey esp. taken from the delivery of milk
2. The process of dating to no avail why am I on the milkrun and not the express?!

When Jackie’s boyfriend announces, out of the blue, that he’s outgrown coupledom and is off to Thailand “to find himself” (and a leggy Claudia Schiffer look-alike), Jackie is struck by a bizarre irony: her (almost) glittering career is devoted to editing romance novels; yet here she is, single again, without even a hint of a meaningful relationship-other than with her TV remote and pizza delivery boy. So much for Mr. Right!

Undaunted, Jackie does what any smart, self-respecting twentysomething would do: transforms herself into a sex kitten in knee-high black leather boots, and goes looking for Mr. Wrong! Astonishingly, Jackie finds she has a talent for being single in the city. Ditching inhibitions along with her sensible wardrobe, she braves Boston’s hippest bars and discovers her true self-and a whole lot more.

This was a fun read. A vague reminder of Bridget Jones (except she’s twenty-five). Jackie was a likable character and I didn’t hate her at the end of the book which is always good. She had just the right amount of wit, sarcastic humor and stupidity (? – is the quest for love ever really stupid?) to keep me reading on. I’m glad to be able to say that while I saw the ending coming, I didn’t quite see the end coming. Make any sense? (Read: Maybe I should drink some more coffee) I love a character who learns everything and nothing in a book! You know what I want? To find out what happened next… in the next book… that does not exist 😦

Rating: 3.5/5 (Amazon; Barnes & Nobles; Chapters)


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